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Remixers United Productions
Remixers United Productions began in early 2010 with the basic concept of uniting the best fan remixers of Madonna (and other artists) and creating brand new, never released remixes. All mixes are strictly for free download and not for sale or resell.  The mixes are created to pay tribute to the best musical artists - very similar to fan fiction paying tribute to their favorite films or novels. Please visit your favorite store or online-store to purchase the original versions.

Britney United

Yes, our DIVA series kicks off in 2014 with our first Britney Spears compilation.  It will be released Friday, January 10.  Look for your favorite remixers and a couple new ones as well.  It’s Britney, Bitch!  Get ready to dance!
More Information HERE

Masterpiece CD Single

Madonna’s hit song gets the best remix treatments from your favorite remixers.  One masterpiece remix after another - as well as MDNA bonus mixes!
Download HERE
Remixers United Productions, 2010-present Executive Producer Donny O Graphic Art by William Vipond Tait

Producer Series

This series allows one specific remixer to showcase their best remixes of Madonna.  Check out this amazing CD: “Madonna by Dubtronic.”  Simply the best!
More Information HERE

1st Album Tribute

Madonna’s 1st album gets the remix treatment from our team of remixers in this 2-CD tribute, celebrating 30 years!  Not to be missed!
Download HERE

Remixers United 4

This 4-CD set, from 14 remixers, features a total of 44 Madonna mixes - from your favorite remixers, including Donny, Dubtronic, Cleo, Joel Dickinson, Maxim Andreev and more!
Download HERE
Our first official greatest hits compilation: “Remixers Gone Wild.”  We’ve selected at least one track from every remixer who has contributed over the past four years of RU’s history to fill out this fantastic 2-CD set of 26 songs.
Download HERE

Remixers Gone Wild

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